Flintstone - another word for erection, also for fornicating.
Kev - Aaah, that girls so hot, shes giving me a flinstone


Dude - I'd flintstone that
by TheScrabbler June 04, 2009
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1. A Hanna Barbera cartoon that ran from 1960 to 1966 that portrays life during the stone age.
2. Vitamins that are tasty and designed for children, but many adults take them too. They are chewable and have mixed reviews, some love them and some hate them.
-I was watching Flintstones reruns all day long.
-I'm a vegetarian so I take filntones vitamins every morning. Yum! The orange ones are the best!
by LizzieVdK April 20, 2006
A nickname for a person from Flint, Michigan and also a nickname for a Michigan State Spartans basketball team. Flint is a town that is going nowhere but downhill since the departure of the Buick City plant. Flintstones are normally piece of shit gangsters that will do anything for drugs. Some famous flintsones include Morris Peterson, Charlie Bell, and Mateen Cleaves.
Eric: Yo, I was thinking of stopping by Flint on my way to Detroit.
Doug: Be my guest if you want to get capped by a Flintstone.
by Inspectah Ian September 04, 2007
The feet of someone who has "cankles" or has chubby feet.
Hey girl- you get your flintstones off of the couch!
by Habbie October 20, 2007
When a well known person, celebrity or public figure (locally or nationally) dies of a drug overdose, usually by pain meds and alcohol or a bad mixture of drugs.
1. Dude! Don't take those pills with alcohol, you're gonna flintstone!

2. Hey man, whatever happened to _________? I haven't seen him in any movies lately.

Dude, he flintstoned last year.

Aww another one, for realz? Shit man.
by dj_nafi October 27, 2014
In the sport of surfing world, to stand up on a wave prematurely, therby actually surfing on top of the wave and not in the wave. Usually lasting for a second or two followed by an embarrasing bow out the back.
I was so anxious to get up before Justin to snake him that I pulled a Flintstone on that wave.
by sbpope December 15, 2005
Having to walk or the lack there of a vehicle.
Having to walk your ass to the store.
My truck got towed now I have to flintstone my ass around town.
by greenballs October 26, 2007
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