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This is the act of passing gas in public and quickly walking away so you don't get blamed for the offense.
"Hey man- I had burritos for lunch and had to pull a toot & scoot at the grocery store."
by habbie May 12, 2009
To die or stop living. In the dice game of craps, a shooter "craps out" when they roll a seven and all bets are cleared from the table. The end of someone's life. Past tense would be "threw a seven".
Bill: "How is your grandma doing these days?"
John: "Well she is sick now and grandpa is concerned that she might throw a 7..."
by Habbie June 10, 2006
The syndrome where you see a homeless person limp or hobble around at a stoplight with his sign hoping for a handout- then when no one is looking he/she walks normally without a limp or impairment.
Hey bro- I saw you elsewhere and you were not limping and I saw you a little while ago and you looked fine- and now I see that you have Homeless Leg Syndrome.
by habbie November 01, 2007
Sex change operation per ZZ Top "Zipper Job". Usually from a man to a woman.
Hey- did you hear that Sylvester got a Tijuana Tuck and Roll? Now he has to use the ladies room!
by Habbie September 16, 2007
The feet of someone who has "cankles" or has chubby feet.
Hey girl- you get your flintstones off of the couch!
by Habbie October 20, 2007
Same as "throwing a 7". In craps, this is when you are finished, or "crap out". Synonymous with dying. When someone rolls a 7, they are dead.
Hey bud- keep eating gravy at this rate, and you will certainly roll a 7.
by Habbie October 20, 2007
Zip code for Kingsville, MD. 21087. Referred to by locals as "the 087".
Jim: Hey bud- where you going tonight?
Bill: Aw- we're going up to 087 to chill.
by Habbie June 25, 2006
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