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A Term For Female Masturbation
Wow look at Margaret go! She can really flick the bean!
by lammastide July 28, 2005
a term used for masturbation by a woman involving the stimulation or rubbing (flicking)of the clitoris in particular.
i walked in last night to my girlfriend flicking her bean!
i was listening to some girls talking today, what does "flicking the bean" mean ?
by xman2007 May 08, 2006
female masturbation, when a female rubs or "flicks"
her clit
i caught my wife "flicking the bean
by M.Kelly January 03, 2007
To Flick the Bean: An amusing way to decribe female masturbation.
"I caught her flicking the bean"

Jaz: "What are you up to tonight?"
Sue: "I'm gonna go home, Eat some cake, Have a cry and flick the bean"
by Bean lover November 25, 2008
When some women have a good time playin wiv themselves
Finger lickin action
by BBB May 26, 2004
Vaginal stimulation of the clitoris or masturbation by desperate women or girls or females in general
Did you see Casey flicking the bean today on the bus?

Yeah she was going at it hard! I wonder if she knows anybody saw her...
by An ordinary person October 28, 2013
Sitting around doing nothing productive, slacking. Flicking the bean can occur alone or between friends.
Boss: "Hey dild, quit flicking the bean and and wipes those poles down!"

Restaurateur: "I ordered my appletini half an hour ago, waiter must be flicking the bean somewhere."
by Dennis Goodtennis March 08, 2011
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