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A female alternative to the word "Masturbate". Form of masturbation of a female where she masages(flicks) the clitoris(bean).
"Hey Julie, Wanna go shopping some more?"

"No, I think i'm gonna go sit in the car for awhile, maybe flick my bean."
by David ( Frostbyte ) February 14, 2005
865 261
Form of female masturbation. Using the fingers to 'flick' the clitoris
The girl in the porno was flicking the bean to warm herself up
by Dj_Mecha August 31, 2004
412 193
What I do in the shower.
boyfriend: damn, you were in the bathroom forever.

me: yeah, well i had to shampoo, condition, and flick the bean.
by lemmy_poppins July 22, 2008
316 129
A girl masturbating with her hands.
I came home early one evening to find my girlfriend flicking the bean
by Pooh Bear July 25, 2003
319 167
rubbing the clitoris
a woman would
flick the bean
by jackndanni November 14, 2008
136 115