to change suming's position, to either an upright stance or to get it away from u.
I'll flip da bird at dat kid if he keeps grillin me. Or, flick day dead skin off u.
by bayode fashemi May 17, 2003
to ride on spinners
keep that chrome flickin
by ? March 14, 2004
A female who does not wear a bra.
An acronym of Funbags Loose In Chicks Kit
Whoa, did you see the nips on that flick?

Flicks not wearing a bra today!
by anoneymousey July 27, 2008
So tough, that you piss your own panties. Omigawdz.
Dude, that put was fucking FLICK.
by Shira and Ryne December 01, 2005
A film lacking in integrity - only viewed for a particular reason; commonly a "chick flick".
-What did you think of the flick?
-Ah, it was OK, not great.
by brendan September 16, 2004
Porno vid
Damn that flick was fucked up shit yo
by P to izatt August 08, 2003
To give someone or something 'the flick' is to get rid of, drop or discontinue something.
"You should give your woman 'the flick'."
"I gave my work 'the flick'."
"I'll probably flick this Uni degree before second semester."
by Diego July 29, 2003
a move
We went to see a flick Friday night
by Michelle February 05, 2003

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