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i) Please share your stuff with me.
ii) Give me what you have.
iii) Give me your bag of Doritos (only used when around Jamal, Bubba, and Tyrone.)

This phrase is only used in the ghetto, most commonly by black people or sad low life white people who are unsure about they're identity and insecure.

You will most likely hear this phrase in the ghetto, e.g. BRAMPTON, ON
Scenario 1:

Jamal: yo nigga send me some poon yo
Tyrone: yeaaa bredjan send me some poon
John Smith (the white guy): No, good sir. She is my wife.

Scenario 2 (in prison)

Bubba: send me yo chipz bitch
Denroy: naaaaaaah B.
by Mardep July 13, 2008
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