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A 1989 film in which high school kids engage in surrealistic and depraved relationships. Stars Christian Slater, Winona Ryder, and Shannen Doherty.

Origin of the phrase (ironically spoken by a female character), "Stop pulling my dick, Heather!"
Dude, I watched Heathers last night and couldn't stop laughing at that wank shit!
by Flick April 01, 2004
Mythical rural activity in which the perpetrators sneak up on a sleeping, standing cow in the dead of night and push it over sideways. Tends not to work for several reasons:

1. Cows don't sleep standing up (unlike horses, which do), nor do they zone out while standing up unless they're seriously ill.
2. Cows are quite heavy.
3. Dairy farmers hate this sort of shit and will probably bring it all over your dumb ass if they spot you trying.

Mostly it's a ploy to get foolish drunk people out in pastures in the middle of the night. People who've watched Heathers a few too many times might actually try it on their own.
Yee-haw! We gonna' treat you right, city slickers, with some good ol' fashioned cow-tippin' tonight! Finish yer beers and let's go git 'em!
by Flick April 01, 2004
Jamie Cullum Addict Centre. World of sex, whips, arms and arses.
Can I join in the JCAC?
by Flick January 31, 2005
Ben Cullum's wife, member of the JCAC
Let's marry Ben and Flick and get two kids.
by Flick January 31, 2005

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