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adj. Capable of inserting one's head in one's own rectum.
Did you hear management's latest plan? They must be the most flexible people on the planet.
by bbobb January 25, 2003
288 115
Predominantly of one sexual orientation, but doesn't "draw lines in sand."
by Emmerbembu November 27, 2010
39 22
Bends easily without breaking.
Those Asian tumblers had the most flexible backs Jack had ever seen.
by mallit January 01, 2014
8 0
what asians are in bed
Marcy is very flexable
by BiologyBlows April 26, 2004
208 210
When talking about RPG creation software, if a game creator is "flexible", you're going have to code a lot to make a halfway decent game. It's pretty much a euphemism.

Typically, "flexible" RPG creators usually come with crappy default systems, encouraging you to code your own. It sounds easy until it turns out the software doesn't even come with any commands to gain access to the software's enemies and items, meaning you'd have to code THEM too. It's almost the same as coding your own game from scratch.
A good example of "flexible" RPG creation software is RPG Toolkit.
by Tisteca June 04, 2007
34 129
suckin ones own dong
peter ottoviano can shod (suck his own dong)
by s hack May 21, 2003
57 153
"Prince is very... flexible, so I've heard"
by Johnny Pot Smoker September 03, 2003
40 155