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A casual girly gathering involving manicures, pedicures and margaritas.
"Hey girlo! Chris has been a real bitch lately, hasn't he? Let's have a manipedimarga party and dish. My place, I'll let you know the whowhatwherewhenwhy on FB."
by emmerbembu November 04, 2013
a morning ritual wherein a furry individual presents his or her anus to a second party who is sleeping soundly. Should the second party fail to arise, the "house catter" firmly presses his or her crusty anus against the nose and/or mouth of the recipient. Masturbation on the part of the catter is optional but encouraged.
"My butt is mad crusty today man; do you think Joe'd be into the house cat?"
by emmerbembu September 29, 2011
A gender-neutral term for someone awesome with whom you feel kinship.
"Hey GIRLOhhhhhhh! How ya doin' GIRLohhhhhh! You know I love you GIRLohhhhh! You should drop that wench like a hot potato girlohhhh!"
by emmerbembu November 04, 2013
Strategically placing an overheated laptop over one's uterus to ease menstrual cramps.
It's that time of the month, so me and my old Mac are having some computerus time in bed.
by Emmerbembu October 30, 2013
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