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a person who is profoundly hot, smooth, athletic, smart, blonde ---basically got it going on!
"whoaa, dude... that girl is FLETCH!"
by allison October 21, 2004
one who crazes for sex, aka loves to bang
Why are you such a fletch?
by Wil March 20, 2005
1) <verb> To put fins onto an arrow's body to increase it's accuracy. The name "Fletcher" comes from this trade, usually a Fletcher was one who made the entire arrow, not just Fletching.
2) <noun> Usually the nickname of anyone with the name of 'Fletcher.'
FLETCHER: "I am a Fletcher, I Fletch."

LAD: "Hey Fletch."
FLETCH: "T'allreet lad."
by Stuart Fletcher January 19, 2005
Leader of fletchanism. God of the mountains. Not to be recond with. Master of the falling snow
I will bow to the almighty Fletch.
by Snow God November 30, 2006
1.The act of influencing a another for good or bad.
2. The Force.
I'm going to fletch this mother into stealing me a laptop.
by Darth Maul April 09, 2004
The Movie De La Centurie:
Heavenly humor on camera: watch, lest the Greek lines pull your neighbor behind the chair on which he sits: to laugh like a damn hyienna!
"Don't talk to me like that assface, I don't work for you yet!"
Chevy Chase, in "Fletch," as Fletch: being Fletch in Stanwyk's mansion.
by Hill Y. November 21, 2005
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