to preform an unspeakable sexual action, preferably when inebriated.
Dude, I just fletched all over her back!

You wanna fletch?
by MadMadson August 30, 2008
Sexy beast, pro skater
Fuck me, have you seen fletch on a skateboard? Shit hot tbh.
by pauly January 19, 2003
a misread term derived from "feltch"; the act of licking or sucking cum out of someones ass.

Be Advised; The Surgeon General has warned that feltching may result in you being a pole smoking homosexual. Not recommended.
"Following the rump rodeo, Lance feltched the spungus from Rod's cornhole"
by .A.M February 10, 2004
To fletch someone is to deliberately be unorganised, lazy, carefree and incompetant knowing that you will just delegate the resulting mess to others below you and make them clear it up or solve the problems that occur.

To fletch someone is to royally fuck them over within the work place, creating mass amounts of extra work and stress for that person as you've not been bothered.
I was such a fletch to the whole design department today, I fucked up and just dished the resulting mess to them whilst I went shopping for a rowing machine.
by HelloChris July 30, 2008
The region located between the V lines where the snail trail passes through, directly above the shire.
You may thrust your fletch air wards upon walking or dancing at the disco.
by Jacob Livermore May 01, 2008
Game where feaces is pushed out of anus as far a possible before 'sucking' it back in. The winner is the person who can get the 'turtle's head' out the furthest without decapitating it. The losers have to find a shower quickly.
Lets have a game of Fletch.
by Louis69 December 07, 2007
v. to fletch:

to try and get into someone who is either obviously not interested, a lot younger than you, vulnerable, scared, taken and/or drunk as a skunk in a very disgusting, seedy manner.

Lucy - OMG. That was so gross last night, how james was hard out fletching claire.

Annemie - I know! She was so drunk!

Lucy - And Lizzy didn't even do anything about it!

Annemie - Man... I would never let my friend get fletched...

Lucy - Yeah.. Me neither...

Both - Ughh *Dramatic shuddering*
by Boobs Devs and Annee FayFay October 16, 2009
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