Game where feaces is pushed out of anus as far a possible before 'sucking' it back in. The winner is the person who can get the 'turtle's head' out the furthest without decapitating it. The losers have to find a shower quickly.
Lets have a game of Fletch.
by Louis69 December 07, 2007
One who likes to feltch another man.
Holy smokes batman he just got Fletched by another man.
by Adam Pawletzki September 06, 2007
One who disses there friends for a lifestyle of gayness and gay activities. A true butt pirate whose only reason for living is to be a complete asshole and will do whatever it takes to accomplish absolutely nothing. He will do alot of homosexual experimentation to become the ultimate faggot on the planet.
"If you were any gayer you would be Fletch."
"Fletch is so gay, the name Fletch may one day take over the word gay."
by reflexion December 11, 2007
blatant homosexual
look at those two guys having bum sex, what a pair of fletch's
by Anonymous January 20, 2003
A fanny-fart
by Anonymous January 20, 2003
Anal sex between man/man or man/woman where after the male cums he sucks the sperm out of the others rectum and snowballs with him/her
Justin fletched me last night and my ass still hurts.
by Shannon February 06, 2005
Mr. Honomichl my computer teacher that is gay.
Wow Mr. Honomichl likes to fletch with Mr. Gronde.
by Kyle Keegan March 27, 2003

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