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Noun- A fat slut; an overweight woman who solicits her body; a heavy ho.
That fleezy started lookin pretty damn good after a few shots.
by whitney lindsey November 29, 2006
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a new word. sure those words up there ^ ^ have a different definition. but this "fleezy" means someone who tries to act all hardcore,ganster, tough. they think they're the shit. BUT THEY'RE NOT! derived from the words "fake weezy". Weezylil wayne is very laid back && cool && hardcore && IS THE SHIT. so these ppl just want to be like weezy. but they're fake, so we call em fleezy. =]]
eww. why the fuck does have that gold chain around his neck && thinking he get money?? he mad fleezy.
by smuttabutta May 01, 2008

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