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Style. Pure and simple.
"My DJ skills got mad flava!"
by Minstrel March 04, 2003
Means "style". From "Flavor".
What's yo flava?
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
What makes a person different. Personality, style, a certain je ne sais quoi: whatever they've got that makes him/her unique from the next person.
Sista's got real sweet flava.
by Sista May 14, 2003
another word for dank budd
Hey man what kind of flava u smokin'
by 4DYouth December 07, 2008
Lan owner
Flavas owns Lans
by James August 27, 2003
see same as pimp juice basicly means your style
Yo I got mad flava
by AC December 17, 2003
goodness or essence of something
said of a bad cable connection: "I ain't gettin any cable flava in here."
by PrinceOfLies August 11, 2003