Lan owner
Flavas owns Lans
by James August 27, 2003
Top Definition
Means "style". From "Flavor".
What's yo flava?
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
What makes a person different. Personality, style, a certain je ne sais quoi: whatever they've got that makes him/her unique from the next person.
Sista's got real sweet flava.
by Sista May 14, 2003
Style. Pure and simple.
"My DJ skills got mad flava!"
by Minstrel March 04, 2003
another word for dank budd
Hey man what kind of flava u smokin'
by 4DYouth December 07, 2008
see same as pimp juice basicly means your style
Yo I got mad flava
by AC December 17, 2003
goodness or essence of something
said of a bad cable connection: "I ain't gettin any cable flava in here."
by PrinceOfLies August 11, 2003
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