A term used to describe the suburban-Chicago folk. These over consumers have earned their nickname by flooding near by states such as Wisconsin and Michigan to exploit as vacation spots. Residents of the victimized states witness complete retardation during the months of June, July, and August when the flatlanders retreat from the tickey tack of the daily routine to their "lake house" or "cabin" usually located in northern Wisconsin or Western Michigan. A good weekend at the "lake house" for a flatlander consists of a failed fishing attempt, a boating accident, numerous trips to the nearest subway, at least 8 hours spent looking for cell phone service, a failed camping attempt, and a speeding ticket....All while managing to leave most of their trash on the beach or at the bottom of the lake. States such as Iowa and Indiana also hold a deep hatred for fagot flatlanders. Due to a lack of a sufficient public education system, and the over popularization of Suburban Chicago, neighboring public universities such as University of Iowa and Indiana University are flooded with flatlander scum. A flatlander generally lacks any sort of style, flavor, uniqueness, hobby, or anything that is not "in the now" or accepted by the mass. Many scholars believe that the Pink Floyd anthem "another brick in the wall" is a direct reference to the lack of uniqueness and purpose the flatlander offers. "All and all were just a another brick in the wall".
Jim:Hey Dale you wanna go musky fishing in Mercer this weekend?

Dale:Hell no, its July, those fuckin Flatlanders will be breaking their boats and shit...I'm sure we would have to tow atleast 4 or 5 of them into shore and wouldnt get to fish at all.

Jim:Yeah the lake will probably be full of littered trash and bull too.

Dale:Fuck those fags and their gas guzzling suburbans and escalades.

Jim: You wanna just throw in some long cut and drowned some PBR's instead.

Dale: Yes
by sconnnnnie March 01, 2010
Top Definition
A term used in the mountains to describe people from lower elevations.
Driver: This guy is driving so slow; he must be a flatlander.
Passenger: Well, according to his license plate, he's a floridiot.
by blueridgenative September 28, 2006
thats what people in wisconsin call people from illinois
i wish these fucking flatlanders would go back to their own state
by andrea July 09, 2004
the term flatlander isn't specific to any state. It's a term that all mountain people use to describe tourist that don't have the skills/knowledge to recreate in the mountains
The search and rescue team spent all week trying to find the flatlanders that tried to bag the fourteener with half a liter of water and a candy bar.

Did you see the flatlander try and make it down the bumps? It was histerical.
by Paul S. W. September 11, 2006
A person from any large city who does not know how to drive well on roads that aren't straight and flat. You can tell one because when you get stuck behind them on a mountain road they take the curves at a snails pace, but when you finally come to a flat/straight stretch (where you could potentially pass their slow ass) they speed up like crazy till the next curve. Lather, rinse, repeat. --Insult is added to injury when the flat landers have a large truck/SUV/other form of 4-wheel drive and do this.
Learn to drive, you flat lander!
by scottiedawg86 August 07, 2009
Used by native Vermonters to describe people from anywhere else in the country, regardless of whether or not your state has a higher elevation than Vermont. If you aren't native to Vermont, you're a flatlander, period. The term came about because of people from other states visiting the state on account of the ski resorts and the mountains.

"Those damn rich flatlanders come up here from freakin' California and buy up all our farmland and develop damn Walmarts all over the place."

"You're from Michigan? You're a damn flatlander."

"I'm a ridgerunner, not a flatlander."

by katelynrt February 23, 2006
An unflattering name given by people in Wisconsin to residents of Illinois who travel to Wisconsin for weekend jaunts.
"Those damn flatlanders keep coming to our bars stealing all our cute chicks."
by Michael Coyle October 28, 2007
A name given to a group of people from low-lands by those who live in the highlands, usually with a negative connotation. This term is used in many regions of North America. In Michigan it is used to refer to people from the "downstate" region of the Lower Peninsula, which is considered Saginaw and south. This region is exceptionally flat in comparison to the majority of Northern Lower and Upper Peninsulas. The term can be interchangeable with "city-slicker" or "citidot," because of the complete lack of common-sense many of these tourist conduct themselves with while in rural regions. They ask for directions only using road signs even after explaining to them that most roads in the region lack road signs or change names multiple times without your knowing. In fact, many counties in Northern Michigan did not have addresses and/or road signs until the early 1990's.
Flatlanders, "How do you get to Mackinaw City from here?"

Local, "So you take this road here and take a left at the 24hr Shell station. Next, take a right at the junk yard ten miles past the Shell station."

Flatlanders, "Just give me the road names! I don't care about what I am going to see!"

"There are no road signs, I am trying to give you landmarks. That's how we give directions in the country."

CitySlicker, "I don't care, just give me that damn road names."

"You know that most road names are different on GPS than they are on the few road signs, right? And there is no one for you to sue around here if you get hurt and lost. In the country you die when that happens."
by cheese_leaves January 13, 2013
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