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fat cops who are basically useless for nothing else but staking out smoking areas on school campuses and getting hard off of couples making out at the mall. easy to outrun and distracted by loud noises.
the "undercover" rent-a-cops at duxbury high school who sit at onion hill in thier van (not a cruiser) watching for kids saying under thier breath, "make my day."
by k.zazzle March 20, 2007
taking completely random pictures with intense shadowing, apathetic facial expressions, or obscene toplessness.
we were so bored on the train, that she took out her camera phone and we started to myspace it up.
by k.zazzle March 21, 2007
a term mostly used in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire that describes people from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. a derogetory comment, meaning either tourists or people who move from MA, CT, or RI to any of the farther north states and try to change everything.
those damn flatlanders are coming up here and chopping down our trees to build thier 'big box' stores!
by k.zazzle March 21, 2007
a rock & roll girlfriend. a substitute term for guys who feel lame saying "i have a girlfriend."
man, billy's meat puppet is strutting some serious strut today. damn, he's lucky!
by k.zazzle March 21, 2007
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