A name given to a group of people from low-lands by those who live in the highlands, usually with a negative connotation. This term is used in many regions of North America. In Michigan it is used to refer to people from the "downstate" region of the Lower Peninsula, which is considered Saginaw and south. This region is exceptionally flat in comparison to the majority of Northern Lower and Upper Peninsulas. The term can be interchangeable with "city-slicker" or "citidot," because of the complete lack of common-sense many of these tourist conduct themselves with while in rural regions. They ask for directions only using road signs even after explaining to them that most roads in the region lack road signs or change names multiple times without your knowing. In fact, many counties in Northern Michigan did not have addresses and/or road signs until the early 1990's.
Flatlanders, "How do you get to Mackinaw City from here?"

Local, "So you take this road here and take a left at the 24hr Shell station. Next, take a right at the junk yard ten miles past the Shell station."

Flatlanders, "Just give me the road names! I don't care about what I am going to see!"

"There are no road signs, I am trying to give you landmarks. That's how we give directions in the country."

CitySlicker, "I don't care, just give me that damn road names."

"You know that most road names are different on GPS than they are on the few road signs, right? And there is no one for you to sue around here if you get hurt and lost. In the country you die when that happens."
by cheese_leaves January 13, 2013
A person that comes from south of Interstate 80 to hunt in Northern Pennsylvania for bear or deer. Usually these people have unnecessarily large trunks such as Ford F-350s or Dodge 3500 series.
That flat lander shot a deer out of his brand new F-350.
by ZBall April 07, 2008
A term given by Vermonters to rich, out of staters (such as people from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts) as they come up to Vermont in their big, gas guzziling SUVs to ski at the many ski resorts in Vermont. As much as the Vermonters hate flatlanders, flatlanders support their economy by visiting their country stores, gas stations, and hotels.
You know your a flatlander if:
-You drive an escalade, suburban, tahoe, yukon denali ect.

-You're annoyed at the fact that your iPhone or other expensive smartphone doesn't get 3G in Vermont.
-You own a season pass to one of the big ski resorts.
-You own a condo or house in Vermont
-You think that Vermont is a poor state when you drive along the back roads.
Vermonter- "I got passed by this flatlander driving his big Escalade on the back road to Stratton.
by steezmcthrees January 03, 2011
Anyone who resides anywhere south of Maine, any area typically referred to as "Boston". Anyone driving a vehicle without a cracked windshield and working directionals. These people are typically middle class white folk from the suburbs of Boston, Hartford, NYC etc. Flatlanders are not to be confused with the masses of particular people streaming south from Quebec to Old Orchard Beach.
That flatlander from New Jersey just asked the mountain man, "At what age does a deer turn into a moose?"

The flatlander was standing there in cargo shorts and told the raft guide, "I can't go swimming right now, i don't have my bathing suit."
by flatlander.0 July 02, 2013
Negative term used by countryfolk or other small-town citizens to describe non-native visitors that bring unwanted qualities of their hometown with them. It is often difficult for flatlanders to rid themselves of this label, even if they assimilate into the local culture.

This term can also be applied to a sudden and noticeable influx of non-native peoples into a larger town, state, or territory. These situations are often the result of a town/state/territory possessing natural beauty or resources.
Those goddamn flatlanders moved up from California to Oregon and ended up causing property taxes to rise.
by smalltowner April 22, 2010
where i'm from, a flatlander is the worst thing to be. its kind of like in california where the locals hate the tourists that come to surf, well in northern PA we hate people from jersey, pittsburgh, and philadelphia that come up to hunt deer. a flatlander usually, though not always, has zero respect for the land, the animals they're trying to hunt, and the locals that put up with them. some of them are nice guys that have a true love for hunting, but the majority of them come up to get drunk at the hunting camp, get into fights at the bar, and for the most part make people from northern PA wary of anything that has a funny accent.
TRUE STORY. A flatlander comes up to me after a day of hunting, he was in a field that was frequented by cows. ME:did you see anything ?
FLATLANDER: no but there are sure some big deer up here. the tracks are huge!!
ME: those are tracks left by cows.
by flatlandersareruiningoursport November 30, 2006
one who does not usually drive on mountain roads
Learn how to drive flatlander!
by Gulbur May 25, 2012

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