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where i'm from, a flatlander is the worst thing to be. its kind of like in california where the locals hate the tourists that come to surf, well in northern PA we hate people from jersey, pittsburgh, and philadelphia that come up to hunt deer. a flatlander usually, though not always, has zero respect for the land, the animals they're trying to hunt, and the locals that put up with them. some of them are nice guys that have a true love for hunting, but the majority of them come up to get drunk at the hunting camp, get into fights at the bar, and for the most part make people from northern PA wary of anything that has a funny accent.
TRUE STORY. A flatlander comes up to me after a day of hunting, he was in a field that was frequented by cows. ME:did you see anything ?
FLATLANDER: no but there are sure some big deer up here. the tracks are huge!!
ME: those are tracks left by cows.
by flatlandersareruiningoursport November 30, 2006

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