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One half hippy one half gangster. The Flatbilly can be spotted by their distinctly flat billed sports cap, and tank top. Throat tattoo's, and tacky jewlery are optional, but not uncommon. Most likely to be found at a cannabis cups, trailer parks, or skeezin around Colfax. Should you become unlucky enough to bump into one of these asshats, they will pretend to be chill, but in reality they are high on crystal meth, and are plotting to steal your shit.
Get out of my way you goddamn flatbilly! You look like Tommy Lee dressed up a Marshal Mathers clone. Kill yourself.
by Neb Carnelian August 28, 2014
5 Words related to flatbilly
northern indiana country boy
look at that flatbilly driving that truck with no bed
by phatboy420 June 29, 2009

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