A Flarg is when a girl eats a dairy product and then gives a man a blowjob...then spitting the mixture on his balls and eating it off, then feeding that to the man.
Man Sally is so amazing at Flarging...she used organic milk
by Cartom October 26, 2006
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Used to describe the sound made when puking and laughing at the same time after smoking alot of weed.
Damn! Josh is in there flarging his guts out, he shouldn't have smoked so much.
by Tristan Rowell July 10, 2005
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see also flargged/flargg'd, flargging/flarggin'

1. Making a plan to do nothing, often in a state of stoned conciousness.
2a. Getting together with friends who have a common interest in weed, resulting in minimal output of work save for baking a batch of cookies.
2b. Or if everyone is flarggin to the extreme, eating raw cookie dough because baking would mean work.
1. "Hey Sally, you want to come over and flarg today?"
2. "You got work tomorrow?"
"Alright let's get some weed and flarg for the rest of the day."
3. "You got work tomorrow?"
"Alright let's get some weed and flarg for the rest of the day."
4. Anytime the camera rotates around the cast of That 70's Show in Eric's basement they are flargging
5. "I don't know if I can flarg today, I've been flarggin' all week and I have my midterm tomorrow"
by Matt Snowball February 07, 2007
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A strange occurrence often involving sex}.
Man that Flarg last night was awesome!
by DA_NOOB_KILLA April 22, 2008
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