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(adj.) A state which is neither flacid nor hard.
(n.) A penis which is neither flacid nor erect, but rather somewhere in between.
I had a great stiffie, but an ugly girl walked in and it became flard.
by admon April 26, 2006
35 20
a combination of fat and lard, to describe any excesively large person or animal.
My mother in law is a flard.
by Flard lover December 25, 2008
14 3
a combination of lard and fat
I need to exercise to get rid of this flard.
by Kelly May 02, 2003
14 14
a term used when one is dissatisfied at something or someone

Also a term used to convey general annoyance
"oh Flard","Flard I forgot to wash the car"
by mentaldood February 14, 2006
8 10
Acronym: F.L.A.R.D., meaning Face Like A Robber's Dog.
She's a right Flard
by Mike Hewitt January 21, 2004
7 15
The color between green and purple.
The color of the door is flard.
by bdoren May 15, 2008
0 11