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Something that is unlikeable, unfortunate, or stupid.
Can even be used as an insult.
The act of being flamp.
Doom3 was such a flampy game.
E-whores are flamp.
by beta October 01, 2005
When you deposit a load of swimmers (semen) in your chicks (or dudes) mouth. They spit the load on your bean bag and then singe the jizz off with a hot light bulb.
Dude, if you like the smell of burnt hair and semen, have your old lady give you a flampy.
by Rex Mantooth October 17, 2006
That indescribable feeling you get flowing through your body after smoking marijuana. May cause person to feel like moving their limbs.
Person 1: What the fuck is Dave doing?
Person 2: He's moving his limbs around for some reason.
Dave: I'm doin it cuz i just smoke a blunt and i'm flampy as FUCK!
by always420sumwer December 03, 2010
When things that should be crispy or crunchy have gone a bit soft.
These biscuits have been left out overnight and have gone flampy.
by Emms76 November 28, 2007
When a guy receives oral sex while he is sitting on the toilet
I wanted to get nail Susie, but I had to take a shit, and I didn't have much time before I had to be at practice. So Susie gave me a flampy instead.
by Caleb Mandrake May 05, 2006
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