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To achieve victory in a fight, contest, game, etc., to beat someone in smth
Ping-pong? I’m gonna flamp you!
by keraaminen August 29, 2011
To say or write good things about (someone or something): to express approval of (someone or something).
I flamp this bar, their barman is awesome!
by keraaminen August 29, 2011
A loud sound made when a stamp hits paper.
A bank clerk fiercely flamped documents with a stamp.
by keraaminen August 29, 2011
Fat / chubby "lady parts." Found only on women of a larger scale, the flamps would be fat and saggy skin found on both the left and right sides of said lady parts (not to be confused with a 'gunt,' which is located above.) This can also be referred to as fat and stretched out "vagina lips."
"That girl's flamps were SO in the way while I was bangin' her, I had to hold them open so as to see what I was aimin at!"
by C00t3R. July 12, 2013
1. to fart in a sink, and wash it down the drain hoping that some other place will have the stench later. Sometimes stinking the whole house up.
Don't fart here! Go flamp over there.
by Edgar Allan July 10, 2008
Hitting someone strongly on the top of there head with the plam of your hand.
I have a pretty good flamp.
by BESHEE October 11, 2009
British English - verb
To feign sickness or injury in order to get sympathy or a day off.
Have you really got stomachache or are you just flamping?
by Julia Davies November 01, 2003
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