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1. A person who writes enraged notes on a forum or massage board

2. a open and obvious homosexual, usually a male
That flamer won't shut up.
by Light Joker April 12, 2007
A person who goes on internet forums to intentionally insult a person(s), company, and/or popular game/franchise.
"Gaylo 2 is teh suxxorz! PS2 butt raps Xbox!"
by Z3r02007 July 12, 2005
A man dressed up in womens' clothes. 'Flamer' is a shortened form of 'Flaming Faggot', a burning piece of tinder. How a man in womens' clothes is comparable to burning tinder is beyond me.
"He is a flamer"
"Look at the flamers!"
by =^..^= November 02, 2004
A gun or group with guns.
Dude stepped up and I pulled out the flamer like these.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
One who enjoys prancing like a baby fawn, and speaking with purposely generated speech impediment.
Why is that kid from American idol such a flamer?
by Brandon September 19, 2003
An Individual who without any knowledge of the purpose, has flame tatoos applied to his/her arm.
Jordan aka Frankie
by Raganoo November 26, 2003
Pertaining to someone/something that is gay/stupid/idotic
d00d, you are such a flamer.

My computer is such a flamer

Yo dawg, quit being a flamer
by Ash September 27, 2003