a flamboyant, overly feminine, out of the closet gay. the Kind of person who needs to be called a faggot. most often an attention seeker, Reeks of perfume, wears womens undergarments In his pictureS on myspace.
flamer: O my god! i just broke a nail! i have to get to the salon for an emegency appointment with rodrigo!

Straight guy: Dude! STFU Queer! what a douche drinkin flamer!
by |= i 5 |-| fr33|< May 01, 2009
someone whos really gay, or somebody whos just pissing you off
jeffs being suck a flamer
by hfdzjsyridid July 08, 2003
a really gay person
Fengrue is a flamer
by stiffy October 01, 2003
a gang refrence to the bloodz, nothing to do with being gay or anything like that
"young juiceman is a flamer"

"lil wayne and the game are blood brothers and also flamers"
by joey5395 July 11, 2009
A gay person that:

1. Is very open about their sexual orientation.

2. Feels the need to talk, act and sometimes dress as the opposite sex

3. Feels the need to mention their sexual orientation and/or exploits in every conversation
That cockrider is a fuckin' flamer!
by Joe Millionaire February 27, 2004
A very flamboyant and outgoing homosexual male you can see and/or smell a mile away. Recognized by his lisp, the way he walks, hand movements, loud speech, bright colored clothing (especially red jerseys advertising their gay sexuality), very feminine facial features, his knowledge of women things and knowing how to communicate with them, very open about sex especially his own, and just generally annoying behavior. says things like “you go, girl” and "honey." or "rape me up the ass" You will most likely find them in bars/nightclubs especially gay bars, working in women’s apparel shops, on the ice rink at the Pengrowth Saddledome, and also in the stands at the Saddledome once again advertising their gayness..

Also see: Calgary
"That flamer wearing the gay red jersey is rambling about how his "team" took it up the ass the previous night.. must be a Calgarian.."
by Flames Suck Dick! November 08, 2008
1. A person who writes enraged notes on a forum or massage board

2. a open and obvious homosexual, usually a male
That flamer won't shut up.
by Light Joker April 12, 2007

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