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When, in a blatently drunk-filled social gathering, one pre-loads his/her mouth with beer then purposely enters into an existing "conversation group" and does a slowly widening smile that allows all the uploaded beer to spill out of his/her mouth between the teeth (and down the shirt for maximum impact)as if they didn't know it was going to happen.
"I'm going to go beer smile them"
"Time for a beer smile!"
"Nice beer smile!"
by Badkneesbill May 08, 2007
Short for a "flaming asshole" which is an asshole of the highest magnitude.
"What a flamer" "He/she is a real flamer"
by Badkneesbill May 08, 2007
When, in a social occasion, you stand behind someone and make a goofy distorted face to mock them without them knowing it and sort of try not to get caught, although getting caught is the best part.
"I'm going to give them a horse face"
"Nice horse face"
by Badkneesbill May 08, 2007

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