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An Intelligent woman, usually brunette, gorgeous, and goal oriented. She's one to speak her mind and you do not want to mess with a Brandie. She's liable to attack at the slightest insult and she has a mean right hook. However, she can be won over by a really nice hug.
She just totally decked him, she's such a Brandie.
by Girlychick15 May 15, 2008
A really cool person who people love!

Extremely nice
and everyone wants to bang!
Omg Jaimie and Deanna are such brandie girls!
by DDDDJJJJ May 04, 2009
Someone who will buy anything, no matter how dumb or useless, just because of the brand or company it's made by.
-Hey check out my new iBag.
-The iBag? You're not serious...
-What?! This thing is the future!!!
-It's a plastic bag with an apple logo on it.
-Your point?
-You're a total brandie!!!
by sportsdude88 March 15, 2010
A Outspoken person
Very Beautiful
Very very very good at kissing
Very intelligent all though many people dont see it..
Effing supermodel
Ultra slutty
prettiest person you know
Addicted to making out
Has dated over 50 people

Usually is insecure
Brandie is amazing
She is super hot
by JosephLian23 February 19, 2011

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