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Someone who drives around with obnoxious flags attached to their car windows during the world cup.

Not only do these flags scream, "I'm only patriotic once every 4 years!" but they also increase drag, making it more expensive to get from A to B.

A portmanteau of 'flag' and 'faggot'.
Guy #1: Those stupid car flags are so pointless, all they do is look dumb and increase your petrol bill.
Guy #2: Yeah, what a flaggot.
by Oletha June 26, 2010
17 13
the sexual act of singing the national anthem of your respected country when climaxing.
We patriots do love to flaggot during intercourse
by prettyflyforaskuxxguy August 07, 2011
3 0
Someone who only goes for the flag in any videogame's Capture the Flag gametype.
Guy 1: "Do you see that guy with 0 Kills and 3 Captures?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, What a flaggot."
by TheEnd152 May 09, 2011
9 6
Someone who is gay, unstaright, a tool or flamer.
Guy 1: Did you see justin biebers new dance move?

Guy 2 : Yeah doood, Hes a complete Flaggot
by Gnaahr Bear January 10, 2012
0 1
Someone who immediatly goes for the flag in the Eye of the Storm map in World of Warcraft. Even though this is fail.
look at those flaggots, instead of going to cap a tower they go for the flag.
by hollyhunter May 12, 2011
0 1
A derogatory term for someone who wears red, white, and blue clothing to be patriotic, and ends up looking like a big queer. Also: Flag.
Girl: Did you see Dexter at the 4th of July party?
Boy: Oh, yeah. Man, he is such a flaggot.
by Moofis March 16, 2008
22 23
Noun: A person who as a porch flag for every holiday and can be frequently seen changing it in accordance to the upcoming holiday.
Example One:
Bewildered Bystander One: "Oh my gosh does he seriously have a flag for Arbor Day?"

Bewildered Bystander Two: "Yeah, he's such a flaggot"

Example Two:
Flaggot: "Like oh no I do not remember where I put my porch flag for ANZAC Day!"

Uninterested Neighbor: "Dude you're such a Flaggot."
by Dixon Cider III June 15, 2010
3 6