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penis. but like, in german... and stuff.
HOLY SHIT. did you see that shwanz?
#penis #germany #german #weiner #weewee.
by FxHxSxCxG August 04, 2006
a mean name for someone who is a member of color guard. yeah, COLOR GUARD MEMBERS, not flaggots.

don't ever call someone a flaggot, because they work their asses off for 9, sometimes 11 hours a day, just to make the fucking show look more interesting. without color guard, you'd have nothing to look at.
omg that flaggot totally just missed her spot. what a stupid, like, flaggot and stuff. ya know?
#color guard #flaggit #marching band #flags #colorguard
by FxHxSxCxG August 04, 2006
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