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Is a texture were you you've people with you and the reaction of who wasint with you,never makes it back too the individual.Being flaawless is realizing their is always hate,even if you don't see the hate face too face..
more for flaawless with two aa's
not flawless with one a. f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s
by regardless devon victory September 17, 2008
a person that dont get hated face two face but it is probly people talking behind his back,also a person who is smart enough not too talk negitive about people...
also showing extra strong fealings to not liking someone!!
this dude is the truth no one should hate his flaawless structure..

you are messed up real flaawless,and i dont trust you....
by regardless devon victory May 03, 2008

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