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A term used to yell at random people, then running.
*Guy 1 waits at a Bus Stop.*

Guy 2: *Walks up to Guy 1* "Fizzle!" *Runs

Guy 1: ?
by Lo End August 06, 2011
13 11
A fizzle is someone who ditches out on hanging out with people when they already said they would go. (Typically the fizzle ditches for their girlfriend / boyfriend)
Zack- Yo Eric, where are you? You said you were coming to get drunk with us tonight.

Eric- Uh... yeahh, i'm with Kim tonight.

by Zrak June 17, 2010
10 8
Someone who's hooked on drugs . a feind
Yo go meet that Fizzle right there
by wavy lee April 29, 2014
1 0
A person who has large amounts of swag and other great qualities.

Also is extremely hansom and talented.
" You see Fizzle over there ? I want to be just like him when i grow up"
by Fizzlesaurus rex November 01, 2011
4 5
something of a fluster when your upset!! u are fizzled
I woke up fizzled today because of all the damn snow!!
by coffee101 February 12, 2010
6 8
A word used when talking about foil as parafanelia.
Lets stop by the grocery and pick up some fizzle bro. Or... I got the drugs and straw i need a piece of fizzle you got one?
by Crazed Donkey December 28, 2011
0 4
To simultaneously experience both flatulence and djaculation. In other words, to fart while you're jizzing. Occurrence often associated with the act of a blumpkin.
After our romantic date at taco bell I wasn't surprised that our love session ended with a real fizzle.
by MRwinks216 October 24, 2010
7 11