Slang term for marijuana used in northern rhode island, usually around teachers or parents.
"What's goin on tonight?"
"Nothing man, lets just fizzle."
by xiloscient00 April 13, 2006
Fizzle -
a hissing noise unlike that of a snake, more the
sound of something escaping under pressure
When you nozzle with your nizzle be careful there aint a fizzle
by Stias August 17, 2005
a word cover up for fuck
fizzle i droped my sliverwere in the trash
by syl June 27, 2005
actually, none of that is true.

verb meaning to fail or suck at life.

Fizzler: Awww...

by Der Meist3r July 12, 2006
A female fart, or the sound a female makes when she toots, poots, or cuts one
Girls don't fart; they fizzle.
by LaFawn-duh May 01, 2005
A person who is afraid or too scared to do something. A "pussy".
Dude #1: Go check if the ball is outside.

Dude #2: No, its dark out there.

Dude #1: You're such u fizzle!
by Smokey4o9 April 27, 2008
When the female genetalia looses moisture during intercourse.
"Awwwww shheiit fool,.. dat bitches twat hella fizzled out while I was raw doggin her."
by I&C June 24, 2004
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