A stupid whore, usually named Jennie or Jen-ayy
Man that fizzle slept with a lot of guys
by thecartinflash March 20, 2010
Generally any word beginning with f depending on the context; usually referred to as "fool"
"Sure Fizzle" said Amrit as she rolled her eyes away....
by A&A March 13, 2004
Another name for Ecstasy.
You got them fizzles for me?
by Dustin W Danley July 10, 2008
a term used to insult somone for being "not real" or "fake".
"jon is such a fizzle, yo."
by mr. fizzle September 14, 2007
To leak wet poop during a fart.
I thought I just had to fart, but I fizzled.
by StacyP December 11, 2006
to fart out of one's penis, the male version of quefe
Tyler ate so much mexican food that he fizzled for three straight days.
by The T-train June 17, 2008
A person who is afraid or too scared to do something. A "pussy".
Dude #1: Go check if the ball is outside.

Dude #2: No, its dark out there.

Dude #1: You're such u fizzle!
by Smokey4o9 April 26, 2008

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