A drink known as fizz. When you drink it, you are fizzin.
Hey Mike, Are you fizzin?
by Crystal April 20, 2005
Top Definition
Actin crazy, another word for gettin stupid, dumb and hyphy and crunk. Used in da Davis (downtown D) and in da bay...
Im done wid midterms, gonna be fizzin tonite. We be fizzin it up!
Fizzin was actually started by K.O.D, in Davis by Khatarnaak.
by M2daUStayFAY May 09, 2006
Equal to "rolling". A term used to describe being really high on Ecstacy.
Are you Fizzin?
Yup.. That E is hella good. Can I have some of your water?
by birdy boldly going nowhere May 03, 2007
The term one uses to describe himself on Ecstacy.
"Man, I'm FIZZIN!"
"I wish I wasn't fizzin' so much last night"
by Jesse McCloskey September 25, 2006
1. risin 2 da top wit ya boiz.

2. not pussyin out.
1. we goin 2 da top homies!.

2. dont pussy out on me. b fizzin!.
by jay.m April 17, 2007
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