A German illness related directly to being mentally retarded.
That boy Eric had the FIX, and they tried to treat him for it, but he sais "Listen man!" and the doctors had to restrain him.
by Daniel Baker burns February 02, 2010
Top Definition
1) To temporarily satisfy an addiction.

2) To kick one's ass, typically as revence for a former deed.

3) to repair something that is broken
ex1) Man, I really need to get a fix of coke/pornography/etc

2) So Johnny broke your windows, eh? we’ll fix him good then.

3)if it ain't broke, don't fix it
by vodka June 02, 2004
1. Preparing to inject heroin..adding water, cooking, drawing up into syringe.

2. Junkie term for needing heroin.
1. I'm gonna go fix up.

2. I'm sick and need a fix.
by anarchypunk April 25, 2005
Something that is delicious, a must have.
Gotta have my Fix.
by Lalaleahsaurus October 08, 2008
1. a dose of drugs sought by an addict

2. to neuter an animal, especially a pet

3. a bribe

4. a repair made to a computer program
I think windows needs a fix.
by Light Joker November 10, 2006
The act of preparing a drug for use instravenously.
Man, can i use your bathroom to fix.
by WickitKl0wn June 07, 2005
used to indicate the act of beating someone up.
If he doesn't stop running his mouth, he's gonna get fixed up.
by anjellie007 October 31, 2010
The proper term for a single gear fixed wheel bicycle. These bikes were traditionally home made by the users; they would take a traditional 10 speed frame toss out the hanging derailleur and remove the 5 speed fly wheel and replace it with a single speed "fixed" hub. These bikes were most popular among NYC bike messengers in the 70's, 80s, and early 90's because of their low maintenance and lighter weight; many users would have only a front brake or forgo brakes totally because you can control the bikes momentum solely suing your feet. These bikes were not for the lazy or lighthearted because they require a much more skilful and alert riding style as well as perpetual motion because the is no "free" spin mode.

The Fix could be brought out right in those days at some bike stores by asking for a racing bike. Racing bikes were usually made by Bianchi or Lotus and sported rear facing dropouts for the back wheel; these store bought Fix bikes were uncommon for the average fix rider and primarily purchased by bike messengers.

The majority of serous road bike riders, then and now, use geared bikes.

Today people are calling bikes like this "Fixies"; there was no such term ( fixie ) being used on the streets in 1970's thru early 90's.
Fixie should be used to describe store bought bicycles many of which do not even have fixed flywheels.
Yo, check out how Joe is riding his Fix.
Joe has a Fix with no brakes.
by jzmo May 05, 2013

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