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Lucian is the most amazing guy in the world. He is very hard working and it always pays off. You get to know him as a friend first and you find out he has an amazing sense of humour, is incredibly intelligent and is so beautifully handsome. You then realise that you have fallen so deeply in love with him that there is no way out, you just have to dig deeper and deeper till you find his heart. And trust me, finding Lucian's heart is the best thing that could ever happen to you. And if youre extra lucky then he will return youre love and there you have it- the most powerful love in the whole entire universe. He is amazing with words and has the most amazing lips ever, you see them and all you want to do is press your lips hard against his and close your eyes and let time freeze. There are more reasons why i love Lucian than stars in the sky but i cant possibly list them all. So i will leave it with this. Lucian will make you the happiest girl alive. I love you Lucian <3
'I met the most amazing guy today!'
'Oh yeah! whats he like?'
'He's a total Lucian'
by hellohowareyou? May 04, 2010
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full of light
Don't worry about darkness, Lucian is with us.
by wise_asklepios February 04, 2010
Lucian Freud, British painter of German origin
Lucian Truscott, US Army General during World War II
Lucian of Antioch, early Christian theologian and saint
Lucian of Beauvais, 3rd century saint and martyr
Lucian of Samosata, Roman rhetorician and satirist
Fictional characters:

Lucian (Underworld), a character in the films Underworld and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Dark Swordsman Lucian, the main character of the Nintendo DS game Lunar Knights
Lucian, a member of the Elite Four in Pokémon
Other uses:

St Lucian Tower, Malta
The Lucians are a branch in the Cahill family.(39 Clues)
"Lucian is a total ninja."

"Lucian is the luminous spawn of Bucklin."
by Unlockdestiny February 04, 2010
Name for the people of the island country of St.Lucia

which is located in the Caribbean
oye u from St.Lucia
yea i iz a lucian
by james speed February 17, 2012
the discomfort one experiences when the skin one's testicles are stuck to his thighs
fuck, i have to fix my balls, im getting a lucian
by lucian lucian balls testicles April 02, 2011

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