a person unsuspecting of his/her unusual ways, whether it be aroogance of goofiness, usually of the male gender. A fun word to use as an insult (even when it doesn't apply to the definition), leaving the insultee confounded.

This is only my definition, you must look inside yourself to find your own meaning for the word fife.
Hey, look at that guy!

Wow, haha he's definetly a fife.
by nepatriots333 June 24, 2009
A place in Scotland.Situated between Edinburgh and Perthshire.Home of the best football(soccer)team in Europe,Dunfermline Athletic Football Club AKA The Pars.
1.A derogatory comment for a bumbling idiot, refering to Barney Fife of the popular american TV series The Andy Griffith Show.
2.Sometimes used when refering to an incompetent policeman.
Settle down officer, don't be a Fife!
by fuckface gimp September 06, 2006
What Indian men call their bitches.
Rob: Who is that girl with the curly hair?
Kashiek: That is my Fife.
Rob: *high five* You da man Paki!
by Kashiek August 15, 2007
it is an eating untensil. similar to a fork, except the left edge is serrated like a knife. this makes cutting and eating food easier to do using only one tool. a similar concept is a spork. however, the ridges would be like a butter knife so that one would not cut themselves in the process.
i felt relieved when i used a fife instead of a fork to eat my lasagna.
by yola pilch May 01, 2006
Defines a claim or ownership of a certain item. Originally used to define such a claim for 5 minutes, but is now commonly interchanged with the word dibs.
Fives on that seat!
by roxie May 29, 2004
1) an instrument of the body, not unlike human sexuale genitals. Noun/Verb
2) A term used to discuss in code the human sexual prowess.
3) A flute
Take that fife out of my butt
by joey spina September 16, 2003

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