a word used in a random conversation when you have nothing else to talk about and you wanna be funny
Bat 1: you wanna know whats a really funny word
Bat 2: what?
Bat 1: FIFE
Bat 2: bat 1, you are completely retarded
by the bats April 05, 2003
noun or verb; Shit
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
just some random thing u say in a conversation when u have nothing else to say
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
south african punk
dude that kid acts like lorenzo
by h8r June 11, 2003
Term used to offer/solicit a high-five.
"I just won a million dollars!"
"Way to go, dude. Fives!"
by valsupernova April 17, 2008
a game played by posh people who attend exeter university. the game has grown to include other posh poeple though. no scrubbers need apply. played by either having your fist open (five) or closed (zero), the player shouts his bid and then adds up the number of hands in, is he guesses right, he goes out, if he guesses wrong the game continues with the next person. used often as a drinking game.
fives. its a quick game its a fast game. ten, ahhh, you prick!
by tstst October 13, 2006
Fives is a game played by two or more people using a football. The first person kicks the ball against a wall, if it touches the walll it is the turn of the next person to kick the ball at the wall and so on...
If someone misses they lose a life, but the ball is continued to be played by the next person from wherever it is missed.
Each player starts with fives lives and the single person with at least one life left is the winner any appropriate punishment can be given to the looser!
What you doing?
- Playing fives

Get a ball, we'll go play fives...

We need to find a wall first before we can play fives...
by poulter7 July 29, 2006

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