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Verb -- Freaking out or tripping on drugs, usually psychadelic mushrooms or hallucenogens.. Inspired by the song "Five-Five-Five," by Frank Zappa. The instrumentals tend to inspire people to take drugs. Once in a state of inebriation, the maddening guitar riffs of "Five-Five-Five" make Phish look like O'Dweeds compared to the wicked buzz you cop from Frank's Fiver. Which is ironic, because Frank Zappa was very much against drugs.

Also simply referred to as Fiving, rolling with Frank's bunch, or 2F.
"Yeah, man, I was totally Five-Five-Fiving it last night with Frank's bunch. Had like, fifty mushrooms and some beer, man. It was like getting a year's worth of pussy in four minutes. Uh... what was I talkin' about, man?"

"No way! You were 2F without me, man!? Dude, I so hate you now! Just kididng, brah."
by DeusExMagna November 20, 2005
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