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An extremely large forehead. Soo large, one can place his whole hand (Five fingers) on it.
"Rihanna doesn't have a forehead...she's got a five-head"
by Rocky Silkcotton April 15, 2009
The original definition from the late 1980's characterizes those late teen-age and early twenty-something males with a prematurely rising/receding hairline.
Dude, what happened to you last summer? You went from a forehead to a five-head.


Your hairline is receding...you look thirty.
by rockstar1 May 19, 2009
Someone who is blessed with having an exceptionally large fore head.
That ant mcpartlain from ant and dec has a canny five head you could show a movie on it.
by Drydentested5 August 03, 2013
a large or wide forehead.
She doesn't have a forehead, she has a fivehead.
by katie mcintyre May 25, 2006
A person with a receeding hairline.
Your shits fucked up. You ain't got a forehead you got a five-head.
by Jdogg03 October 20, 2003
a big head where yu can fit 5 fingers ! bigger than average fourhead. it gives fourheads a rush cause its a fivehead
big "fivehead" kiss my ass so what! Herve tuikuze Said.

woo look at Herve Suga tuiykuze five head. its fucking big as. i thought i had a big forehead until i looked at his. his elevenhead gives mine a rush !! wooo
by Herve tuiykuze June 16, 2011
Girl with a forehead so tall its a fivehead
I thought Jill was gunna be hot but when she turned around I was shocked by her fivehead.
by dougiehowzit November 08, 2010