like a fore head except WAY bigger, thats why its called a five head
hey look at that girl in math, she gots a five head.
by Gavin (put on by alex) February 11, 2004
a very large forehead
I banged this chic last night with a five head so big you could show movies on it.
by Copie Boy November 04, 2002
A forehead so incredibaly large it can be classified by the next number up.
"That guys got a hugre forehead!"

"Yeah dudes got a five-head
by Cheese and Lohsl February 02, 2005
an exceptionally large forehead e.g Rihanna
Brian: Rihanna has one helluva forehead.

Leeeroy: thats a motherfucking fivehead
by dickwa May 20, 2008
A large forehead. A play on forehead sounding like four-head.
Her forehead is so enormous it's a five-head.
by Jake Croupier October 02, 2005
A person who doesn't quite fit the category of a forehead. Usually is as big as the span of five fingers.
Sydney Jenkins has a really big fivehead.
by Sasha Dingleberry December 07, 2009
A person with a large forehead, that could fit five or more fingers.
Sarah, you have a Fivehead!
by DTMan November 27, 2009

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