Girl with a forehead so tall its a fivehead
I thought Jill was gunna be hot but when she turned around I was shocked by her fivehead.
by dougiehowzit November 08, 2010
Top Definition
An abnormally large forehead.
That Mongoloid has a fivehead fit for screening sneak previews.
by Harry Speedbag August 07, 2002
A very large forehead - 25% larger in fact.
The sun is just beating down on my five head today.

Maybe you should get some Rogaine next time you're getting your Viagara old man.
by Bo Dizzle May 05, 2004
When some one has an extremely large forehead.
Whoa, Meredith's forehead is so huge it's a fivehead!
by John "The Stovepiper" Smith April 24, 2004
its too big to be a four head so we have to call it a five head
marryanne, aneta, krystall's heads are so big that they have five heads. V-4 = Vsuck
by scott schroder May 13, 2003
A "four-head" is when you can only fit four fingers between your eyebrows and your hairline. You have a fivehead if you have such an abnormally large forehead that you can fit all five fingers.
That guy grows his hair into his eyes so you can't see his gigantic fivehead.
by Slim Brady November 30, 2005
A grossly immense forehead, capable of reflecting enough sunlight to blind someone, or play movies onto.
by Truth April 18, 2003
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