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38 definitions by Truth

A rap metal band which is either extremely loved by its fans, or is extremely hated by metal fans who don't believe rap and metal should blend. The only rule about Limp Bizkit is you either love them oir hate them.
Metal Fan: GODDAMN Faggoty-Fagggot Ass Limp Bizkit!!! I fuckin' hate Fred Durst with his pussy-ass wannabe rapper/singer peresona and their fuckin' turntabels and their gay-ass voices!!!
LB Fan after listening to Slayer/Manowar: GODDAMN Slayer!! How the fuckin' hell can people say that this crap is better than Limp Bizkit!! All that these faggots do is scream and play their guitars hella fast!! This gay-ass shit fuckin' blows!!!
by Truth March 31, 2005
simply put...absofuckinlutley useless in everyway shape or form. they do nothing for the economy except spend our hard earned money. we could definitley do better without them around
normal person: "sir can you help me i've been shot in the stomach by a rapper, and i'm beleeding to death."
celebrity: "and what...get my armani dirty...dude wipe up your blood and get away from my bentley before i call the police and have you arrested for article 108.376-any attempt to get any celebrity to do anything productive shall be punished by death"
by truth January 29, 2004
Used to be a good site for reference on urban definitions. Until retarded faggots came and fucked it up because they couldn't have the balls to say things to people's faces OR they wanted use it as their personal chatroom. Urbandictionary.com has so many worthless, pointless definitons which are incoherent and just plain dumb. If you want a definition removed you can't remove it, OHH NO, oh you have to fill out a fucking form which states your fuckin reason for why the fuck you want the retarded definition removed. Even the Editors can't delete the bad definitions that they wnat to, they're only allowed to delete the ones Urbandictionary gives them. Seriously it's a load of Bullshit. If this site gave the editors the rights to delete bad definitions of any sort, this site wouldn't be as crappy as it is now.
(a def.)
James: The hotest boy I've ever seen. He's popular and sweet. I want him to marry me.
James, I hope you marry me and kiss me and love me 4everandever dude and when we're old you'll take me to the prom!!
Wuv U Jayme :--)
(Human Being after reading this):
Who the hell is James? I thought this was a reference site for urban definitions, not a gay-ass chatroom with just a bunch of mindless faggoty teenagers!!!!
by Truth March 31, 2005
A great nu metal band formed by Ben Burnley. This is a little known fact about Breaking Benjamin, but Ben Burnley used to perform at coffee houses playing covers of songs by other bands to earn money.
The day has come to an end
The sun is over my head
My Polyamorous friend
caught me in a mass of trouble again
by Truth April 04, 2005
Hot ass pornstar who doesn't do anything more hardcore than oral sucking videos. She is so fucking hot!! I'm watching her right now!! Oh Damn, gotta clean the screen again.
Tom: Dude, I ran out of pornstars to look at
Me: How can you run out of pornstars to look at?
Tom: Well, for some reason, they're not exciting as they used to be
Me: Well, check out Rachel Aziani.
(5 hours later)
Me: Hey Tom, can I borrow some socks?
Tom: Trust me, you dont want to borrow any of MY socks
by Truth April 04, 2005
used in conjunction with "AITYD". This is a prime example of how ridiculous internet abbreviations for chat / forum / messaging are getting.
User 1: "these abbreviations sure are getting ridiculously long IYKWIMAITYD..."

User 2: "yeah... 'btw', you're a FUCKING RETARD."
by truth March 31, 2005
School in philadelphia. As a rule every single prep guy must at all times be wearing a article of clothing that says prep on it. Prep kids must also announce there presence somewhere by repeating the word "prep" over and over again. They are very insecure and they feel the need to tell everyone that prep is the best thing since sliced bread. Once you go to the prep you are no longer an individual you a part of "the prep"
A prep kid can usually be spotted by the PREP sweatshirt. Other signs are the inability to go the bathroom alone
by Truth February 13, 2005