The guys above me are perverted dumbfuck sickos; Don't listen to them.

Five Knuckle Shuffle is one of WWE Smackdown! Superstar John Cena's signature moves. He does his "You Can't See Me" then runs to the ropes, bounces against them, brushes his soldier then jumps down and punches you right in the face.
Tazz: Ohhh there goes Cena with his "you can't see me!", Cole!

Cole: FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! And the pin...!
by Cena pwnz August 02, 2004
Top Definition
The act of male masturbation.
See also wank, spanking the monkey.
"Johnny's mother caught him in the middle of a five knuckle shuffle."
by YOREMA July 11, 2003
to masturbate
that bitch gave me some blue balls, so I had to go back to my crib and do the five knuckle shuffle on my piss pump
by spltbird November 25, 2002
Another word for the popular slang word 'wank'.
Most commonly used in pub-talks between men of age 18-30 to describe masturbation in a funny way, normally about someone, rather than themselves.
"I hear Dan's enjoying the five knuckle shuffle right now"
by DanielleInIpswich May 16, 2006
The act of masturbation with one hand. Usually only applies to males.
"She wouldn't let me near her in bed last night, so I went into the kitchen, cracked open a beer and had a Five Knuckle Shuffle."
by Mattaus Muller December 16, 2009
The five-knuckle-shuffle is another term for how a guy masturbates, Jerks off, gets his jollies, and says hello to his little friend.
Is it a sin to do the five-knuckle-shuffle in church?
by T. J. May 23, 2003
jacking off.
Bryon's mom caught him playing the five knuckle shuffle last night.
by Boy Roy July 10, 2008
Slang (Geordie, Newcastle)

Masturbation: The phrase comes from the act of masturbating using the whole hand, wrapping 4 fingers round the shaft of the penis, and the thumb round the other side, hence "five knuckles".
Geordie 1: Howaye man. Did ye score last night?
Geordie 2: Ney chance. I was gannin' the Five knuckle shuffle till it felt like me hand'd fall off.
by Eddie Faulkner May 22, 2008
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