The act of moving all five fingers on a single hand across another person's forearm, one at a time.
The gentleman greeted his friend home from vacation, with a lovely five knuckle shuffle.
by Bob Memphis December 13, 2009
It means to punch someone with a left right combo. much like shuffling cards.
scott started getting mouthy so I threatened to give him the five knuckle shuffle to the face.
by kazanski April 12, 2005
The guys above me are perverted dumbfuck sickos; Don't listen to them.

Five Knuckle Shuffle is one of WWE Smackdown! Superstar John Cena's signature moves. He does his "You Can't See Me" then runs to the ropes, bounces against them, brushes his soldier then jumps down and punches you right in the face.
Tazz: Ohhh there goes Cena with his "you can't see me!", Cole!

Cole: FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! And the pin...!
by Cena pwnz August 02, 2004

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