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Acronym for the phrase "Fucked In The Head"
Are you fith?
by David Arnott September 01, 2003
Abbreviation for "Fucked in The Head".
Steve has FITH disease.
by Tarbaby August 21, 2006
acronym for fucked-in-the-head. Originally coined by Matt Flynn about 1969. Acronym is usable in public. Easy characterization for persons who cannot engage in rational debate or discussion.
(Insert name of Republican member of Congress)is fith.
by Shimbo December 03, 2009
Acronym for Fire In The Hole, meaning that an email is on its way. Usually used in IM or chat.
Biff: FITH!
Bob: Thanks!
/Bob reads email.
by MysticMarvel March 18, 2009
name of the best drink throwing team in the country, residing in lawrence, ks
reporter: what happened? why are you covered in dr pepper?
drive thru worker: well playing F.I.T.H is a hard thing to do, theyre just the best out there
by the quarterback December 09, 2010
Showing respect to someone for helping you out. Like a thank you using the same gesture as "props".
A: "I took care of it..dun worry"
B: "Fiths right here bradjean"
by Camo-Cam July 29, 2005
750ml of an alcoholic beveragre...Enough To Get You WASTED

1/5 Of A Gallon
Im So Excited To Hang Out With _______ Tonight shes got A Fith Of Vodka For Me.
by ------1234------ April 26, 2009

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