during doggie fashon fucking, the act of pulling a woman's head back by grabing the insides of her cheeks with your index fingers.
Last night while fucking your grandmother, I gave her the old fish-hook and her dentures fell into the dog dish.
by Capn' Caucazoid September 01, 2003
In Texas Holdem' Poker when in you are dealt a pair of jacks with the two starting cards known as you're pocket cards.
John was dealt fish hooks
by MEECHOW July 17, 2006
hooking your fingers inside the vagina and dragging the body
"She passed out in my bed, so I had to fish hook that B**** out!"
by yespls November 14, 2014
When one with braces attempts to give oral sex to a male, and the sharp metal snares the foreskin of the penis, resulting in awkwardness, embarrassment, and a great deal of pain.
I got a fish hook from his mom, and my cock hurt for a month.
by IHateFatPeople September 29, 2012
trying to poke your penis out the womens cheek durnign oral sex
i gave her a fish hook while doing her mouth
by mwreynolds1 May 27, 2012
1. A small bent piece of metal with a barb on the end used for catching and insnaring fish.
2. A small bent piece of metal with a barb on the end used for catching someone's testicles.
My testicles, I hate fish hooks!
by ShoesRBad March 20, 2003
the act of putting ones foot in between someone elses legs from behind and pulling it back, crushing their testicles.
person2:"I just fish-hooked you"
by fella March 20, 2003
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