"A creature without many cells. He was one of those big lizards that never feels any pain when you rip off its tail, or one of its legs--or even its head, as they do down in Chile---because it will all grow back by dawn, and nobody with know the difference."

Hunter S. Thompson liked to use this word to describe stupid locals that he ran into during his travels and misadventures around Key West and Cuba. Only in one of his writings does he actually define the term. This quote is from <i>Generation of Swine<i>.
"That dumb fishhead waitress has an IQ of 58, she fucked up my order for the fifth time."

"Hey, that fucking fishhead bum just jacked my slice of pizza!!"
by David Douglas November 26, 2007
a line used on a person of the opposite sex to persuade them to spend time or have sex with you;
He fed her a few fishhead and ended up taking her home with him.
by Chaz Rienhold August 01, 2007
Sexual act of oral sex to a male soon after intercourse, where the female body fluids ad flavour and smell to the penis.
"I like to suck fish head"
by Haroldissxc April 07, 2008
What people in the 80's called Converse All-Stars.
Popular kid: man look at this basket case he's wearin fishheads!
by Freak Face February 11, 2005
Ben Leeson
"Oy fish head, come here you prack"

by George Townsend December 23, 2003
A fish head, eg Ben Lesson. A legendary character who has a head like a fish and enjoys slapping people with his flipper. Commonly uses such language as prack, and fuck off, or even a combination of the both fuck off you prack
I was walking along then geo went up and started to cut a chunk out of fish head, he turn round and bubbled "fuck off you prack"
by len bongstaff December 23, 2003
When a women’s vagina is clean shaven. No Pubic hairs;
The lips (Labia majora) Hyman tissue looks like the mouth of a fish.
Person #1 Did you go out with Suzy last night.
Person #2 Yes I did and I got a good look at her fish head.

Person #1 So she does shave down there

Person #2 Yup and it is clean and tasty.
by John Hopper May 10, 2005
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