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A jewish reggae musician/rapper from Whiteplains, New York.
Matisyahu rocked the house in the Jimmy Kimmel show.
by J. Rizal January 18, 2005
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hetty hasidic rapper/ reggae artists. born matthew miller in upstate NY. used to be a huge pot head, but turned straight edge. after a visit to israel, turned more religious and tried to show his friends, but they only cared about getting fucked up. back in the day, he used to be a huge phish head; his favorite song is harry hood. dropped out of high school to go on tour with trey and the boys. performed at bonnaroo with Trey. popular albums are the great live at stubb's and youth (meh).
by Gratefulumphish703 April 29, 2008
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Matisyahu is a badass jew, prolly the greatest jew evar!
Horst dosen`t like Matisyahu because he`s a silly nazi.
by Avtomat Kalashnikova October 24, 2007
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A Jewish Reggae rapper formerly known as Matthew Miller.

He is a former trouble maker turned Haisidic Jew.

He is also known for his great beatboxing skills.

by C_Dub January 05, 2006
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a reggae star and hasideic jew. he is a worthless masoginistic motherfucking asshole and i don't care what anybody else has to say about it because for once i would like to heard out. he won't let women on stage with him and thinks that they shouldn't have jobs. WHAT THE FUCK!!! i have 1 thing to say to him. FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!! P.S thank you for listening to my rant,i love you all and you helped me get through some issues and get out some aggression and anger
i fucking hate that staright-edge bob marley wannabe matisyahu!
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